Reinventing the Kitchen – It Doesn’t Have to be so Daunting

Hey guys!

I undertook this project of reorganizing (but seriously, let’s say reINVENTING) my home, mostly because I want my home to be as functional as possible.  It’s a dream to be able to buy a house one day, considering we rent from a single wide three bedroom mobile home from my parents.  Probably 3-4 times a year, I go crazy living next to family or wanting a house with a pool and two stories and a craft room….okay, I don’t need those things.  I know one day my parents will sign over the unit to me and it will be completely paid for and it’s a lot better than paying a mortgage for 30 years.  I say this all now, because obviously we can’t afford a home right now.  And it’s always good to stay positive!

But I digress!  I want to make our mobile home work and the only way for it to work is for it to be as functional and organized as possible.  Thank you very much Toni Hammersley, A Bowl Full of Lemons creator and author of The Complete Book of Home Organization.

My first room I am undertaking is the kitchen.  It comes first in her book and it’s probably the very center of our home (literally and figuratively).  My home was absolute chaos when I first decided to take on my kitchen.  My daughter was home for the summer.  I had just resigned from my job as a teacher and started working from home.  My husband was working nights.  It was absolute chaos.  See for yourself:

Oh Gawd!

001 Reinvent Your Kitchen

Make a List

I first made a list of basic supplies I had.  I literally went through all of the cabinets and drawers (anything that has to do with the kitchen, because I even had some kitchen stuff in the laundry room), and wrote everything down.


Purge What You Don’t Use

It was at this point that I really looked at what I needed to get rid of.  Particularly in the spices and my appliances.  So far I haven’t touched the refrigerator or the pantry.  That’s for another day.

All in all, I got rid of quite a few old oils and some practically empty bottles.  I also got rid of a few pans and appliances that I haven’t used in over a year as well as my pita maker (tears!).  Knowing that I live in a small place, I needed to really think about how to save space and get rid of some stuff.  It might be the hardest part of this whole experience.

002 Divide Into Zones

Sketch Your Kitchen

I did a pretty rough sketch of our kitchen layout.  The book did not recommend you do this, but she had a great drawing of what I imagine is her own kitchen.  And I just want to be as good as her, already!

So I did a very rough sketch.  And to save you the horror of looking at my blueprint drawing, I went ahead and transferred it to Adobe Illustrator.  And it’s beautiful!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It really did help me when it came to really looking at my kitchen as zones.  So with that said…

Five Kitchen Zones

The five kitchen zones are Cooking, Cleaning, Preparation, Storage, Food.  It’s important you look at your sketch of your kitchen as a sort of plan.  Where do you usually prep your food?  Where do you fix lunches?  Where do you stand when you cook?  Is there a better spot?

Once you start asking yourself these questions, it becomes very obvious of where everything should go.  Going back to my list, I started organizing where my stuff should go as far as zones go.  For example, cooking utensils obviously go with cooking.  Baking bins goes with preparation.  Mixing bowls go with storage.

All in all, once I sketched everything and stopped asking myself, “Where does it fit?” and changed the questions to “Where does it make sense?” it was really obvious how to get the kitchen organized.  Once I put things where they needed to go, it became easier to function in the kitchen.  In fact, I’ve started cooking more and just enjoying my time in the kitchen now.

I’m excited to see what I’ve got next!

Check out the Kitchen Categories to keep up with organizing my kitchen.



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