Tackling the Junk Drawers – Wear Some Goggles Maybe

In my house, we have probably 6-7 junk drawers.  Seriously, I hate viewable clutter.  What’s viewable clutter?  It’s literally clutter that you can see.  It drives me crazy!  But hide it.  Put it in a drawer.  Put it in a box.  And I feel better…until the day comes when I have to try to find something from the junk drawer.

032 Tame the Junk Drawer

Right now, we’re working on the kitchen.  And there are literally three junk drawers in the kitchen.

Seriously, it's embarrassing to show you all my junk!

Looking at my kitchen layout plan, the junk drawers are now going to be my COOKING zone.  It makes sense.  It’s right next to the stove.  I can easily find ways to store the spices and cooking oils.


But before I can start that, I need to organize some solid junk drawers.  Which meant I needed to move my damn junk drawers, and most importantly, reduce the number of household junk drawers.

I walked around the house and literally gathered all my junk and drawers.

8 JunkDrawers

Then I put on The Boondock Saints, poured myself a glass of wine, and started sorting through the junk.  I put like items with like items, trash in trash, and giveaways in giveaways.

I also gathered as many small bins and boxes that I could in order to sort through the junk I needed/wanted to keep.

Overall, things separated into electronics (headphones, batteries, controllers), toys & games, medicines, office supplies, jewelry, and sex stuff (yes, sex stuff, you know condoms and such….shut-up).

I put away the things that had a designated area (such as jewelry) and then got to work on the actual drawers.

Line Your Drawers

I love pretty paper, and I have so much of it.  Hobby Lobby at some point or another always has packs of paper at 50% off.  And you can get a lot of card stock and paper for less than $10.  I used this scrapbook paper to line my drawers.  And lining them made me want to make sure the drawers were pretty so that I can see through them.

So Pretty!

Then, I thought about where the drawers go.  I have two under the living room TV, one next to our bed, and one under our record player.  And from there, it was easier to think what should go where.  Medicines and se…mmm…other stuff would go next to the bed.  Electronics went under the record player.  Miscellaneous (toys, matches, and such) went in the living room.

I set up the boxes and bins in the drawers and started fitting the junk in.  And low and behold, I’m not going to pull out my hair when I need to find some headphones ever again!  Yaaas Queen!

Check out some more Kitchen categories, as well as some Bedroom and Living Room categories for more organization ideas.


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