Weekly Objectives – Week 2

So, week 1 came and went and with it came curve balls and such.  Family came into town, and although I knew about it, it didn’t really dawn on me until the day before.  And then I was like, “Holy crap!  When am I going to have time to do everything!?”

But, sometimes we just have to go with life.  Ultimately, these were the results of my goals for last week:

1. Re-Inventing the Kitchen through ZONING (1)

As you can plainly see, I did not complete the Kitchen To-Do’s.  But it’s definitely on my set of goals for this week!  I did in fact complete the first two, which you can check out HERE and HERE.

This week is going to be interesting.  I’m still swamped with plenty of MYSTIQUE stuff.  Be sure you’re keeping up with that, because these posts are gold and this magazine is going to be amazing!  But, my daughter started school this week, so the workload at home is not nearly as much as it was!  Seriously, she’s quite the handful.  OMG, but I love her so!


But, as cute as she is, she does cause much much more work.  So now that she’s in school, I expect I should have more time and space to organize what I would like to.  We’re still keeping my goals at three, even though I missed out last week.  But I shouldn’t have a problem meeting all three.  I don’t expect my inlaws to be coming back into town again…or do I?!?  😀

Here are my weekly goals:

1. Re-Inventing the Kitchen through ZONING (2)

A little explanation:  We’re gonna keep on with the Kitchen To-Do’s.  Let’s try this again, and this time it’s priority.  My refrigerator is an absolute mess!  I am terrified.  And I’m tired of seeing upside down bottles of AJAX and DAWN on my counters.

Wish me luck!


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