Kitchen To-Do’s

003 End Your Day With a Clean Kitchen

“Few things feel better than waking up to a clean space. – Toni Hammersley, The Complete Book of Home Organization”

Every since I got my own place, I have been baffled by the fact that my mother’s house was ALWAYS clean.  My mom is the epitome of a clean freak.  She would go through these cleaning frenzies and clean all day.  My job at the end of every night was to clean the kitchen.  And it wasn’t just a simple wipe down.  Every night it usually took me a good hour to clean the kitchen to my mother’s standards.  While other kids complained that they had to vacuum this weekend, I was deep cleaning the entire house!

But, now that I’m taking care of my own house, it baffles me how my mom was able to keep up with her house.  Later on it dawned on me that she had kids keeping up with the chores as well as a housekeeper come at least one to two times a week.

So it comes down to me keeping up with my own house.  And it’s tough.  I’m not as meticulous as my mother, but there are some things that I just don’t want to deal with.  I can’t go to sleep with a completely messy kitchen, but my husband didn’t really know what was expected of him.

Lovely lovely Toni Hammersley states in her Complete Book of HOme Organization to end your day with a clean kitchen.  And she even gave me a few things that needs to be done every day.  I added a couple of extras as well, but still tried to keep it quick and simple.

  • LOAD the dishwasher
  • CLEAN the sink
  • SPRAY & wipe down all surfaces
  • REPLACE washcloths and dish towels
  • EMPTY the trash

For us to work as a solid household we need this displayed somewhere to remind us all what needs to be done.  So I put together a cute little reminder list for our refrigerator.

I designed a template that matched the colors of my kitchen and narrowed down what I need done in the kitchen every night.  They were pretty much the same thing, except we don’t have a dishwasher (cue PSYCHO music).  So I just changed that to WASH & put away dishes.

To make it super cute a pretty, I used an old dollar store 8 x 10 picture frame, flat & strong magnets, pretty scrapbook paper, glue gun, and paper cutter.


That picture frame is really old and even needs to be taped shut to stay closed, but it works.  And even better, it’s lightweight so I know it won’t be falling off the refrigerator.  I took off the stand, which was only made of cardboard.  Again, we want to make sure that the magnets are taking hold completely.  We don’t want the stand to get in the way.


I designed my To-Do list in something pretty and matched our personalities.  I printed it at 5 x 7 and trimmed it down.  Then I layered it on my scrapbook paper and trimmed that down to fit my frame (8 x 10).


Then I simply glued the magnets to the back of the frame and let it dry for a good hour.  Voila!  Everybody in the family (who can read) knows what is expected by the end of the day.  It’s worked out really well, because these things are serving as a reminder throughout the day.  We don’t wake up with a sink full of dishes that need to be put away.  We don’t wake up to stinky trash.  It’s awesome!




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