My New Soap Dispensers

When I first started my venture of organizing my house, my place was an absolute wreck.  But I chose to photograph it as so, so that the transformation pictures would be that much more satisfying for me.

But now that it’s time to show you some of these photos, I’m a bit embarrassed.  No, I’m extremely embarrassed.  But whatever!  It is what it is.

So, the other day I made some new soap dispensers for my kitchen.  It’s not in my big book of organization, but I really really hate seeing these bottles in my kitchen.  Super tacky!

And now I pull my hair out! (1)

So, taking a cue from Pinterest, I found a few blogs that used mason jars and wine bottles and so forth.  My husband and I definitely enjoy a sort of Dia De Los Muertos theme going in in parts of our kitchen.  And we also love our tequila!  I really love to save a pretty bottle with a pretty label.  So I had these two beauties displayed on a shelf.

IMG_1406I found THIS website that offers all sorts of various soap pumps, and at a pretty reasonable price.  The shipping was more expensive.  (THAT’S WHERE THEY GETCHA! GRR!)

Before you go on using your favorite bottles, if it’s a peel off label, make sure you mod podge that shit! I used the gloss so that way it shines and is a little prettier.  But all this does is it simply seals it in.  It’s by a sink and you know the bottle is gonna get covered in soap and water at some point.  You don’t want your pretty label peeling off!

Our soap pumps don’t really screw on, the just kind of sit on top of the bottle.  I’m looking into seeing how I can fix that.  I’m sure it’s an easy fix, I just haven’t gotten around to it.  But none the less, it still works just fine for now.

My new soap dispensers definitely saves us soap as well!  I’m not using so much of it when I’m washing dishes.  And the cool bottle makes my daughter want to wash her hands more often now.  Which can’t hurt right!?


BTW, they were both really GREAT tequilas!

Be sure you’re keeping up with everything I’m doing in the kitchen!  Still got a long way, but we’ll be moving forward real soon!  Check out the KITCHEN category below for all my kitchen posts.

Thanks for reading!


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