Weekly Objectives – Week 3

It was quite a week for me, but I am happy to say that I was able to complete everything on my list!  I did in fact make my Kitchen To-Do’s (and we have all been keeping up with it beautifully!), I made some super cute soap dispensers, so now it looks cohesive and cleaner around my sink.  And I was able to organize my spices and oils, and I love it!

1. Re-Inventing the Kitchen through ZONING (4)

Admittedly, these were pretty simple things and I also had the advantage of sending my oldest back to school.  So I had a lot of time.  But in my defense, I also held two wrap parties, worked double duty on Mystique, AND tabled at the Punk Rock Flea Market!  Go me!

This week, we’re sticking with the three, but they’re a little more intense.  I really want to organize under my sink a little better and make it much more eco-friendly.  I’ll be organizing my refrigerator (lord help me!).  And I’ll be organizing and fixing up my utensil drawers.

1. Re-Inventing the Kitchen through ZONING (5)

In Toni Hammersley’s book and her website, she seems to have much more room than I do, so I’ll be borrowing alot of ideas from other websites.  Tips on how to save room and leave an open counter space.

Wish me luck this week!  Let’s do this shit!



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