Hello Everybody!

Thank you all for joining me on my journey to organizing my house.  I don’t know if you all are familiar with A Bowl Full of Lemons.  If not, do check her out, because without her blog and her book, my life would be a chaotic mess!

A little about myself:  I am a mother of two.  Until recently I’ve been teaching high school journalism, but have decided to be a full time mom as well as pursue my own dreams.  Please please, check out my magazine (Mystique Magazine: It’s a Feminist Culture), because it’s really kick ass and awesome!

With A Bowl Full of Lemons’ help, I’m going to take on the task of organizing my life & my house!  She’s got many tips on organizing various aspects of her life, including budgets, meal planning, and decor.  I’m excited to take it all on!

I’ll be working through her book, similar to what Julie did in Julie & Julia (great movie!).  I’ll be working through the book and try to complete as many of the tasks she has offered.  There are a few that I may have to skip (I don’t have a basement, garage, or an attack) but who knows!  That may change.  But for now, it’s understandable that I not do that.

I may work through some other books and blogs to give me ideas on decorating and DIYs.  I’m so excited to get going and I thank you very much for joining me on this journey!

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